Where To Start Investing

Learn The Strategy of Investing on Different Platforms

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Investing in Bitcoin for many is still in uncharted territory. Only one percent of the global population is using cryptocurrency. Total Market Cap of Bitcoin itself is $203 billion. 24HR Volume is $22 billion. This is a massive industry. We are still in the early stages of the Bitcoin Era. In ten years it has reached $203 billion. What do you think in the next ten years plus public adoption on a worldwide scale?

You need to get on board and ride the wave of Bitcoin. It isn't just the money. It is changing lives, business, governments and yes even banks. With what the world is going through right now, there is so much that is going on. Is the world ready for this great transfer of wealth to common people?

I see the vision of Bitcoin and the technology that will change the world. Ohhh so much opportunity. If everyone will learn the system then wealth is obtained for us ordinary people. No more being affected by fractional banking system, inflation, fiat currency back by corrupted banksters and etc. Not to mention jobs are scarce. Unemployment rate crazy as ever. AI is going to take over human jobs. We are headed in the direction of massive change in the earth.

We must follow the trends to become wealthy. No more trying to learn outdated and stuff that doesn't work anymore. Media has tried to manipulate and put lies into people to steer them away from this. The system of control and slavery must end. No more. If people will understand that there is a way to obtain wealth, well this is it.

There are 190 Exchange Platforms in the world and more are being established. You must learn the ins and outs of investing in the crypto world. When to pull out, when to buy, when to trim profit and so much more. It is basically running a financial firm like Forex or the stock market. The thing is it is not backed by fiat currency. This is the beautiful part. You get to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency. Which has more value? Think about it. Bitcoin!

Every Exchange platform is a little different. If you will see the differences you can make money on the gaps. One platform might have the price higher than the other sites. You can actually leverage on this. Get a percentage of that increase with much gain in ROI. Little by little adds up in the end. It's about your plan. How much do you want to gain?

Do your due diligence in research! Research, research and research. For beginners as I recommended get use to Coinbase then you can jump onto other platforms. Use multiple platforms to invest in Bitcoin. There are other ways of investing other cryotcurrecncies with your Bitcoin. The financial world of crytpocurrency is huge industry even though it is still early in it stages. The whole Market Cap on the cryptocurrency is $325 billion.