"The Weight Loss Journey" Part 2

Training Guides to Healthier LifeStyle

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by Contributing Lifestyle Writer, Josephine Jackson

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#1. A good Iow-medium intensity workout should last 1hr - 1hr 30min depending on your level of fitness. Also, you can do a high intensity workout for 20-45 minutes, again depending on your level of fitness.

#2. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, always work on mastering the technique before attempting a heavy weight.

#3. PUSH YOURSELF - Always choose a weight that challenges you to reach failure at your required reps. Or in other words work at an intensity that is challenging for your level of fitness.

#4. TRAINING JOURNAL -This will allow you to keep track of your progression, i.e. strength. It will also help you stay focused & motivated, thereby keeping you on track.

#5. Now that you've mastered the technique and understand the intensity, keep progressing. It's important you always attempt more weight and/or reps without *sacrificing your form/technique.

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#6. MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION - Don't just work with momentum in order to increase your intensity which gains in strength and/or muscle size. Pay attention to your muscle contraction and partial retraction with each repetition. 

#7. TEMPO - Always control the weight/movement and not the other way around. That's for both your concentric and eccentric phase (lifting and lowering). Also make sure you're getting a full range of movement.

#8. Rest is fundamental but don't take liberties, depending on your program make sure you are sticking within your rest period guidelines. This means keeping it to a minimum, by taking some rest to recover enough energy to effectively execute your next set or circuit depending on your workout. This will help build stamina, fitness, strength etc.

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#9. Am sure you will agree with me in saying, we all want to avoid unnecessary injuries. Bearing this in mind, never consider or get persuaded into breaking form/technique in order to try conquering a weight that's too heavy due to peer pressure or simply to 'show off'.

#10. THIS ONE IS MAINLY FOR MY GIRLS - Lifting weights won't make you big, bulky or look manly, unless your program & nutrition is designed for this purpose!! One of the main differences between males and females is our body's natural hormone production. 

  • Guys release tons of testosterone; this is what makes it possible to build bigger muscles naturally, makes voice deeper, and helps grow more facial hair and hair in general.
  •  Ladies do secrete testosterone, but in very small amounts due to the secretion of estrogen which is responsible for the female body parts and menstrual cycle.  Due to the minimal amount of testosterone secretion, the muscle building hormone, it is crucial that we take advantage of every chance to build any kind of muscle tone. 
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I can definitely guarantee that you won't get a sexy toned physique/body by just doing cardio!! Remember you need to replace your bodyfat with muscle in order to achieve the toned body.

  • Lift or strength train at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Don't worry about putting on weight due to less cardio - your body has something called BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) meaning your metabolism.
  • The biggest factor that affects how fast your metabolism is will be your genetics and how much muscle your body has to fuel throughout the day. This means when you start doing the right amount of strength training, not only are you going to release the right kind of hormones to build muscle tone and fill out, but as a result, your metabolism will be working non-stop to ensure that you don't put on fat in the process.


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