"The Weight Loss Journey"

Part 1

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by Contributing Lifestyle Writer, Josephine Jackson

Before you begin your weight loss journey, let's discuss some things to consider:

Take responsibility - The first step towards living a healthy lifestyle or going on a weightless journey is taking responsibility and identifying what you're doing wrong! You must figure this out because you cannot fix what you don't acknowledge or understand''

Tackle the issues that lie beneath the weight - This will be an ongoing process throughout your life and expect good and bad days. Search deep within to start addressing these issues or feelings however painful they may be or feel. I understand that this will be very difficult or even seem impossible for some, but I can promise that things will only get better, as the saying goes 'time is our greatest healer'. Take it one day at a time, but I encourage you to be willing and open to sharing 'ALL' with whoever is helping you through this process. What's the saying, 'a problem shared is a problem halved'. Avoiding or masking these issues will keep you stuck in the past and hurting. It is important you truly forgive yourself and start to heal internally. Remember that you survived and it's ok to be or feel vulnerable, but now it's time to start taking your power back!! 'MIND and BODY', get your mindset in the right place to possess the capacity to handle or take on whatever lies ahead.

Having the will and desire - You must have the will or desire to change your life!'' Without this the journey will be almost, if not impossible to undertake and definitely impossible to stay committed. And don't let the fear of what could happen stop you from moving forward and growing. You should wholeheartedly want to change and be ready to put in the required effort, plus make the necessary adjustments to achieve the results and reach your goal.

Do it for yourself - This will only work when 'YOU' and only 'YOU ALONE' decides to make the necessary changes. Your husband, wife, partner, parent, family member/s or friend cannot coerce, talk, or force you into losing weight. And you definitely should not start your weight loss journey with an end goal of pleasing someone or others. Always remember that it's for your health and happiness.

Appreciate both the highs and lows - Celebrate your achievements, but also learn from both your success and losses. It's important to understand that your journey will have ups and downs or low and high moments, but don't get stuck in the low moment to the point of letting it ruin all your hard work or efforts. How quickly you rise from that low moment will stop you from doing worse damage. Don't make your bad day last longer than a moment! Turn it around, so the trajectory of that moment doesn't last the whole day or worse week. Don't dwell on what has been and gone, instead learn and move on!! Getting back to celebrating your achievements - Have you ever heard of the term 'Impostor syndrome'? - this is when you start to feel like maybe you aren't the one who's doing the good things, it was just by circumstance, it just so happened to happen to me, I didn't deserve that, or I didn't accomplish that goal. You need to acknowledge that YOU and your accomplishments are one, YOU did it, so proudly celebrate your hard work and achievements. 

Stay committed - It's important that you make exercise a part of your weekly schedule, therefore schedule your workouts as you plan the week. Don’t just think of winging it or going with the flaw, as this is when you have missed workouts. Also understand that every bit that you put in will ultimately count towards your end goal. Some days you may only have 10-20 minutes to workout, rather than not do anything do something e.g., HIIT. 

Holding yourself accountable - Start thinking positive and stop viewing yourself as a victim of circumstance. Remember that you have a sense of ownership for yourself and the consequences of your actions. You do not let others do what you must do yourself and commit to your daily schedule or work to accomplish your goals. And stop making excuses!! 

Changing old habits - Don't go 'COLD TURKEY', take it step by step or one day at a time. Make the necessary adjustments as you go by gradually implementing the changes. First, think about your typical day, you will realize that most of the time we don't make decisions, but rather do what we have done before, and this makes us less productive, less healthy, and fit. So, to change an old habit into a new one, understand that you can't just extinguish a bad habit, it’s going to be a work in progress that requires understanding, willingness, and commitment on your part. To get where you've never been you've got to be willing to do what you've never done before. Break the pattern and behavior!! 

Not a quick fix - I cannot emphasize this enough, 'please, please don't expect a quick fix'. I see a lot of Instagram profiles 'so called fitness influencers', promoting fake programs and/or products aimed at giving you a quick fix. So basically, what they are saying is, it took you months or years to gain your weight, but I can help you get your perfect body in a matter of weeks!! Take it from me (certified fitness & lifestyle coach), it’s an absolute HOAX with misguided information. You need to consider your journey as a lifestyle change, therefore take time to learn about yourself, gain knowledge and lastly but not least stay dedicated to the course. Commitment, knowledge plus hard work equals positive changes & sustainable results!!

Be around people who affirm you - A big part of your journey will be learning to surround yourself with positive individuals who will support, encourage, and uplift you along the way. You will find that as you grow into a positive & confident individual, some friends won't like/appreciate the 'new you'. But rather, they will try to break you down or make you feel unworthy. Such individuals cannot be considered as friends, because a friend is someone who will consider your wellbeing in every aspect plus give you unconditional love and support. Stop letting other people's opinions dictate your beliefs, and 'better qualify' the people you believe or get your advice from. And don't allow other people's limiting beliefs affect your decisions, hold you back or stop you from changing and growing. It's ok to cut out people who don't grow or support you in your life. Most importantly free yourself from the options of others!!

Change your surroundings - This doesn't mean move house or city, but simply don't be in an environment or place that enables or encourages you maintain your bad habits. You must understand that the environment can facilitate or discourage interactions, influence your behavior & motivation to act and definitely influence your mood. So, changing your old surroundings will help you take a step towards improving yourself for the better. Remove yourself from your regular setting, experience new places to help clear your mind and lift or boost your energy levels. When you are feeling down or overwhelmed, get yourself out of the house to stop you from falling back into the trap of comfort eating. It really doesn't matter where you go, it may be a walk around your neighborhood, picnic in the park, a coffee at Starbucks etc. And it's ok to be out and about by yourself, learn to enjoy and appreciate your own company.

Ask for help - Don't be afraid to ask for help! My advice is consider investing in a good coach, this will help you get an understanding of the dos/don'ts. And the amazing thing of working with a nutritionist/fitness professional is that they already have the knowledge therefore it takes away the stress of research and/or planning on your part. Do it right the first time, so there's no going back and forth. 

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