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STANDARD: In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated?

TERRENCE: This is by no means a finished work. The creation process, the building process is happening now. Each and every day is an opportunity to close the gap between our vision and present reality. I am an early riser, the quiet of morning gives me the chance to reflect and center my spirit. My faith plays a huge part of my beliefs and I operate from a mindset of abundance. At the core I believe there is more than enough within me and more than enough resources in the world to make my vision come true. For me the saying “the business of life is the life of your business” has proven true. This makes my job simple: maintain enough life discipline to consistently work the business, find ways to get better and celebrate progress. Working the business requires delivering outstanding service and building capabilities. For me the highest form of service requires first gaining a deep understanding of yourself and then sharing your unique gifting with the world. My motivation is to create an enduring legacy with my wife and within my lane for my three sons, my extended family, and the broader community. It is an evolving process that begins with aligning my mindset and thoughts. My words, the little whisper, have proven over time to be a critical factor to my motivation and success. About 80% of work life and creating a legacy is internal. So, I write things down. I organize and categorize my thoughts. I track my activities and I keep a record of progress. I make a point of building others up and sharing hard won knowledge. I actively protect my thinking and mindset so that the energy needed to create an enduring legacy does not die. 

STANDARD: In all the professions you could have chosen, why business consulting?

TERRENCE: I love seeing business owners, leaders and organizations win. At Swan Associates we make our mission our client’s success. For me, it all comes back to the highest form of service—meeting people where they are, building a relationship, uncovering the core “blocking” issue, and developing simple, yet powerful solutions. The fact is in business and in life we all face challenges. My goal has always been to make that point of crisis an inflection point—to create a breakthrough that changes the course of the future. In my career a consistent pattern emerged: I excelled in the midst of crises, in the moments when the stakes were highest. These were times when dramatically better results were needed or there was the need to execute a bold change. I was drawn to senior leaders who were motivated not to just put out the current “fires” but who were determined to resolve the core issues limiting long term success. Swan Associates consulting and services is built to meet these needs. We work with serious owners, leaders and organizations who are passionate about success, open to change and ready to do the work need to get better outcomes. We are champions of growth, excellence and transformation and we use our expertise to move our client’s strategy, operational practices, and bottom-line performance from merely good to great. 

STANDARD: While searching for the perfect name to call your business, what initiated the name "Swan Associates?"

TERRENCE: A swan is a remarkable creature. A swan has the sleek lines of a luxury vehicle, the ability to travel long distances, powerful wings to take flight gracefully, and the ability to land on the ground or water. We like to think of Swan Associates the same way. We are designed to get the job done efficiently while being nimble and responsive in adapting our approach based on the needs of our clients. We offer a range of solutions from individual consulting for a business owner or leader on “data” and fact-based decision making to assembling a team and delivering an organizational transformation. We are able to walk with our clients the full distance and deliver the accountability and proven action plans that generate early returns and long-term gains. Swan Associates solutions are built to withstand unanticipated and rarer “black swan” events like the 2008 Housing Crisis & the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. This means we identify where owners, leaders and organization are vulnerable based business fundamentals, create early warning systems, uncover risks, implement strategies to lower risks and buttress long-term sustainability by advancing operational maturity and diversification strategies. 

STANDARD: What is an of the important take away many of your clients will gain from their experience in doing business with Swan and Associates?

TERRENCE: Swan Associates clients gain 3Cs: clarity by uncovering the root cause of their business pain points and headaches, confidence to make the brave decisions required to achieve greatness and consistency over the key business outcomes. The business owners, leaders and organizations turn to Swan Associates when they know they need to deliver better results or execute a strategic pivot. When faced with these challenges and an unknown the road ahead may feel daunting. Instinctually many organizations fail to meet the demands of the moment by turning inward and doubling down on actions that worked in the past. With Swan Associates by their side, our clients breakaway from these unproductive instincts and adopt proven best practice solutions to their unique challenges. Simply put, our mission is their success. Our clients regain their footing, master the fundamental of strategic operations and move from surviving to thriving. 

STANDARD: Lastly, every person symbolizes something, and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize?

TERRENCE: My legacy is not about me, but focused on the knowledge, strength and love that can flow from me to impact the lives of others. Success does not have a timestamp; it is the product of meaningful progress. Business success is based on growth, excellence and transformation and mirrors our personal life journey. It is a worthy journey that should be engaged with deep intentionality and clarity. It requires the discipline to move ahead even when it is uncomfortable, faith that you have the ability and resources to achieve your dreams, and a desire to spread love, care and understanding wherever you can.