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STANDARDMag: In creating your lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated?

TeLysa: Knowing that my kids were watching me; that was my motivation, my kids. They watched me as a single parent and watched me struggle, for years, working for somebody. Not being happy with being under somebody else and not doing for myself. They watched me start this business outside of my house, at church. Selling pies, cakes and cookies out of trunk of my car and being able to make a good $400 on a Sunday in two hours and be completely sold out. So, my kids were my motivation. My kids were my inspiration, you know what I’m saying? My kids were my validation. I owe it all to them!

STANDARDMag: What is "Pre L'Orgasme" and what does your business stand for and represent?

TeLysa: I have to twist the question around for you then so you can get the understanding of what Pre L’O is about. First, the business stands for freshness and taste. The seven actual taste buds in your tongue are called sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent, astringent and umami. I fell in love with the word “umami” because it means all of the tastes combined. It is the biggest part of it. Umami is where your mouth is having an orgasm. Your mouth is salivating, the taste buds, you can taste everything at once and you are literally have a mental and mouth-watering orgasm. So, I want to tantalize all of your senses, not just one, two or three. I want to see your eyes rolling to the back of your head anticipating the orgasm.