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The Mentor,

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SM Live Interview

between K’Rev &

Stan Matthews,

Founder & CEO

of MBN

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K’Rev & Stan Matthews.

SMLive: What prompted you to go in business for yourself?

Stan: I wanted to create a platform for wealth creation and prosperity in a family context

SMLive: For those who are new to the business arena, why do you think it's important to network?

Stan: Every successful business and every successful person has a "community of support" that helps to create

and maintain their lasting success.

SMLive: As an entrepreneur, there are times where an individual may want to just give up and let those times of darkness, what should one do to keep their motivation?

Stan: Remember that they’re Infinite, Overflowing Source of Health, Wealth and Prosperity will show them the path to success.

SMLive: In life, a person represents or symbolizes something....when it's all said and done what do you think the world would recognize you for?

Stan: Keeping People "Inspired To Be Their Best Self and To Remain Connected"