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Sonceré is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and advocate for the advancement of women. Sonceré is the owner and CEO of Capital S Publishing, LLC which publish works that are good for the soul. Capital S Publishing, LLC provides consultation and coaching services for independent authors. Sonceré is the author of a devotional book with complimenting calendar, a 30-Minute Estate Planning Toolkit and a two-year planner.

Sonceré is a creative, compassionate and smart woman who has decided to listen and appreciate that still small voice that has always guided her. She has a goal to inspire other women to be brave and confident as she tells her story of being faithful, fierce and free. Sonceré lives in New Jersey with her husband and four children. She is a STEM professional, a busy entrepreneur and God-fearing human being.

In April of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Soncerécreated a virtual women’s conference platform called The Women’s Confidence Tour. The tour was designed to educate, elevate and empower women of all ages to be confident, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Thus far, Sonceré has afforded over forty multi-generational women the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, experiences, products and services with other women using The Women’s Confidence Tour platform. Since May of 2020 there have been three Women’s Confidence Tours. The themes, topics and discussions have been related to women’s health, hope, healing, tolerance, truths and faithfulness. Each conference demonstrates how confidence can contribute to the overall well-being in the lives of women of all ages. Sonceré has plans to take this women’s conference on a seven city tour in 2022.

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Standard Mag: Out of all the professions in the world you could have chosen, why was becoming an Author and Self Publisher the choice? 

Sonceré: Actually my chosen profession is a Computer Scientist. I always had an interest in computers and studied the subject in College and Graduate School. Becoming an Author and Self-Publisher was all God's plan and I am grateful. 

Standard Mag: It has been discussed that every person has at least 3 to 10 books within them, with that being said, from you being an author and someone who appreciates a great story, what specific mindset should a person have in order to be an awesome writer? 

Sonceré: Whether you are a fictional or non-fictional writer you have to be sure that it is a topic that you enjoy. Writing is about expressing and each of us have a unique way of doing that. Your mindset should be focused, assured and strong. I encourage my customers to just write. Don't worry about the grammar, punctuation or any of that just. Just get in the habit of writing. You can have writing days or a writing time of the day. 

Standard Mag: As an author, writer, and publisher, have there been any significant life lessons you've learned about yourself through the blossoming process of these extensions of yourself?

Sonceré: I absolutely have learned many things as an author, writer and publisher. You know it is truly a wonderful feeling to go back and read what I wrote years ago or maybe even a few months ago. Each time I go back to read my works, I am surprised. While I am writing, I am thinking about my customers and how they will interpret my works. However, I found that when I go back to read things that I wrote the underlying message wasn't just for my customers, it was for me too! That was a powerful revelation for me. There are times when I am feeling some kind of way and I pick up one of my devotional books and read a few pages. Sometimes, I say to myself, "WOW, that's good". It's like I am reading someone else's book. It helps reassure my soul that I am already whole, some say, sufficient. Everything that I need, I already have! God is so amazing, sometimes it takes some time to recognize it. 

Standard Mag: Women's Confident Tour! What is the purpose behind it and what motivated you to create such a magnificent event?

Sonceré: So, first I'd like to say that I was the co-creator of this platform with God. If not for the pandemic and my God, I would not have hosted four successful Women Confidence Tours. I am still in awe at how it all came alive and so quickly. The purpose of The Women's Confidence Tour platform is to provide women of all ages a space to self-reflect and take time to educate, empower and uplift themselves in a virtual room full of intelligent, creative and prosperous women. It is truly an experience and I am not saying it because it is my brand. I sincerely mean it because I've experienced the "thing" that happens at every conference. That "thing" is the pure genuine spirit that takes over the virtual room. It is powerful, exciting and so fulfilling. I'd like to invite the readers of SM to attend our next conference in May of 2021.

Standard Mag: What are some of the intended take a ways you hope that women would gain from the tour?

Sonceré: My only hope is that my conference members leave uplifted, educated and empowered to achieve their dreams. I want them to be full when they leave.

Standard Mag: In life everyone symbolizes something and every legacy leaves behind a message, when it is all said and done, what would desire your message to be?

Sonceré: I'd like my message to be that God lives in all of us and not just some of us. That we are all reflections of one another. We all have the same access to the source. I'd like to leave a message that we are important to someone, so let's take care of each other. 

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