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Robert T. “YB” Youngblood is the president and chief connecting officer of YBConnects, a Richmond, VA-based consulting firm that increases the visibility, credibility, and profitability of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and students, while enhancing their confidence, clarity, and connections.

Known by many as “The LinkedIn Locksmith, Rob "YB" Youngblood" teaches his clients how to leverage LinkedIn to attract high-paying clients. For over twenty years, YB has built a reputation of being the go-to resource for those that need assistance with improving their communication, leadership and networking skills. His process is clear and concise, always producing outstanding outcomes. He has a keen ability for creating awareness, empowering leaders, promoting philanthropy, and facilitating connections that lead to mutually beneficial relationships. 

YB co-authored the Amazon Best Seller, SPEAKUP! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry, which featured Les Brown, Dr. George C Fraser, and thirty  other dynamic speakers. His chapter focused on helping speakers to leverage LinkedIn to increase their network and net worth.YB holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Virginia Union University.  Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, he now resides in Richmond, VA with his wife and two daughters. In his time off, he loves to travel to warm places with palm trees.

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STANDARD: In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated.


YB: I focus on connecting with people who have done or are doing what I strive to do. Doing this keeps me inspired and challenges me to stay sharp. It also motivates me to push through any issues knowing that what I'm striving to accomplish can be done. 


STANDARD: In all the professions you could have chosen, why business connections and networking? 

YB: My profession is Sales & Marketing, however, I was given the gift to Connect and Promote. As a result, I found a lane where I could operate in my gift and build a business around it.  

STANDARD: While searching for the the perfect name to call your business, what initiated the name YBConnects. 

YB: YBConnects was a name given to me by God to unite who I am as "YB" and what I do "Connect". It is also a constant reminder that this is God's company and I'm simply the Chief Connecting Officer and Stewart.  

STANDARD: "LinkedIn Recommendation Challenge", how did it get started and what is the purpose of the challenge? 

YB: The LinkedIn Recommendation Challenge started as a desire to empower One Million LinkedIn Users to become more active on the LinkedIn platform. Then it evolved into a Givers Gain community where participants focus on giving recommendations to members of their LinkedIn network while also building strategic relationships with members of their cohort. 

STANDARD: What are some of the important take aways many of your clients will gain from their experience in the LinkedIn Recommendation Challenge?

YB: The three biggest takeaways that my clients gain from their experience in the LinkedIn Recommendation Challenge are: a greater appreciation of how LinkedIn works, increased visibility through the relationships that are built within each cohort,  and new business acquired as a result of giving LinkedIn recommendations.

STANDARD: Lastly, every person symbolizes something and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize?

YB: My legacy message will inspire, empower and impact others to live out their God-given potential. It will symbolize persistence and hope.

Robert T. "YB" Youngblood

Chief Connecting Officer

YBConnects, LLC

Office: 804.386.5526