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Natalie Stokes-Peters is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and also a graduate of The Ohio State University. She worked with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for 13 years in product supply for the Crest and Cover Girl brands Never one to rely solely on an employer for income, she started an art framing business while working at P&G. She “retired early” to pursue one of her passions of book publishing. While working in book publishing, Natalie began designing and selling hand-crafted greeting cards. That greeting card business later became Adinkra Creations which not only provides handcrafted, “better-than-basic” greeting cards, but also journals, hand-painted wine bags, coasters, and tote bags.

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STANDARD: In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated

Natalie: I am motivated by the response I get when someone receives one of my cards or gifts. When I get that email or text saying: LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!. I am motivated to keep creating.

STANDARD: In all the professions you could have chosen, why business card creations?

Natalie: In general, there aren't, and haven't been, really great upscale greeting cards for women of African descent. Most of them used the same models or backgrounds. So I wanted to create something that women could appreciate and know that someone thought enough of them to design something really special just for them.

STANDARD: While searching for the perfect name to call your business, what initiated the name "Adinkra Creations?"

Natalie: I appreciate the Adinkra Symbology . Being able to say a lot with just one image is fascinating to me. And part of my logo is Ananse's web - Ananse is a spider. Most people think of Ananse as a trickster and that is often how he is portrayed - HOWEVER in the Adinkra Dictionary, by W.Bruce Willis, the symbol for Ananse’s web is defined as "A symbol of wisdom, craftiness, creativity and the complexities of life.” I think that is a GREAT symbol for what I do.

STANDARD: What are some of the important take aways many of your clients will gain from their experience in doing business with Adinkra Creations?

Natalie: They will experience a service where they know they are important and the person (or people) they are giving a gift to will also know that someone values them - a whole lot!

STANDARD: Lastly, every person symbolizes something and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize?

Natalie: I am happy to leave art in the world. Art that expressed the beauty of women of African descent with all of our shapes, sizes, shades, hair texture-- EVERYTHING!