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With nearly 25 years of experience in the fields of organizational leadership and development,

Micro-enterprise leadership, and fundraising, Ms. Johnson brings comprehensive problem-solving skills to local, national, and international organizational development projects. She has extensive experience in every phase of strategic management and systems development processes and brings a multi-discipline approach to business operations within the private, nonprofit and governmental sectors. 

Through transformative coaching and hands on training and development initiatives, Ms. Johnson helps build or rebuild the infrastructure of nonprofits and small businesses. Following the principles that allow a free society to prosper (free speech, property and community rights), she provides training on the importance of economic freedom with the focus on fostering healthy, growing organizations in our rapidly advancing society. 

From 2000, and prior to forming SHIC Consulting in 2008, Ms. Johnson successfully coordinated the human resources and economic development programs for women-led non-government organizations (NGOs) in Maryland, New York, Washington DC and cities in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. She also has exceptional talent for handling complex community dynamics using global training and development techniques. 

Ms. Johnson’s strengths are working with organization leaders and individuals in a consensus-based, creative and interactive manner for effective leadership, strategic financial planning, and program development. As trained senior program leader for an internationally acclaimed leadership development company, Ms. Johnson is particularly concerned about the needs of women in local communities, and upon request, brings gender lens and perspectives to improve organization development practices.

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STANDARD:  Explain the moment in your life that caused you to pursue your dream and take the stage as an Entrepreneurship?

MILLIE: During the early stages of my life (8-18years), I spent many summers working with my mother on her farm in the mountains of Montserrat. We would reap the provisions and take them on Saturdays to the local market. In the market I felt euphoric…watching women be in control of their destiny. Women commanded the space, selling and bartering produce as they dwell in the comrade spirit of the market space. In those instances, the notion of being an entrepreneur was born. I want “that” – whatever that is.

STANDARD:  In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated?

MILLIE: First I give thanks to the Almighty! Then I create myself newly. I spent a lot of time with a company called Landmark Global – they study how we (people) operate as “human beings” in the world. One of the major “distinction”/take aways from this experience is that who I (Millie Johnson) wound up being in life, is not who I AM. Who I am is a created phenomenon. I get to create myself newly every day. With this notion, over the years, I have a daily ritual of waking up with new expectations. I forgive past transgressions. Yesterday is over! Today is a new day. My first question to self is, “who will I be today?”

STANDARD:  In all the professions you could have chosen, why your chosen path of consulting?

MILLIE:  Consulting is the result of years of making lifelong contributions in the non-profit world and especially NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in the United States and around the world. After completing a Bachelor of Arts Program at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, I spent several years working with a local non-profit, called Rural and Migrant Ministry, supporting migrant farmworkers in the area. I quickly learned about the “invisible” populations of the United States and around the world. These are people whose contributions go unnoticed…yet their contributions are priceless. Without the migrant population of today, most Americans would experience food scarcity in the areas of fresh fruits and vegetables. I subsequently spent the next three years traveling and living in countries like, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, and some countries in Africa. After collaborating with service-oriented organizations like Doctors Across Borders, STITCH, and Women for Women International, I found my calling. In those instances, I recognized that my main goal in life is for people to thrive, especially women. I want economic freedom for ALL! So what does that have to do with consulting? After completing a Master’s Degree Program at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in 2008,  I spent the next 15 plus years directing and managing major non-profit organizations such as Govans Economic Management Senate, Pen Lucy Action Network and INNterim Housing Corporation. In my roles as. Executive Director, I learned the internal and external dynamics of managing an IRS designated, 501 c 3 Organization. In other words, I learned how to lead, serve, and contribute to the economic conditions of people who are underserved and under-represented. During this period, in the summer of 2015, SseHura High Impact Consulting was born! I spent many years consulting while holding onto a 9-5 job. During the COVID year, August of 2020, I relaunched my consulting firm as a full time entrepreneur. This time the focus was on me…building personal wealth, while making a difference!

STANDARD:  What is "SseHura High Impact Consulting" and what initiated the name of the business?

MILLIE:  SseHura High Impact Consulting (SHIC) LLC is a Maryland-based, black and woman-owned business, delivering organizational development consulting, non-profit management training, high-level fundraising and executive coaching solutions to government and private sector clients. SHIC is committed to the success of clients, and delivers innovative, creative solutions that solve non-profit’s systematic, programmatic and fundraising challenges, while providing low total cost management solutions so clients can redirect precious resources to the people or causes they serve. SHIC develops non-profit partnerships, not acquaintances. We start by understanding your mission and vision and don’t stop until they are fully realized. Our dedication to client satisfaction involves a feedback and system analysis process to improve  organizational performance while building long-lasting and enduring relationships. In the book, Hottentot Venus by Barbara Chase-Riboud (2003), she depicted the tormented life of a woman called Sarah Baartman whose protruding African majesty (body or carriage) was mocked and scorned for years. What caught my attention was Sarah’s majesty – the Swahili African word used is “SseHUra” depicting “MAJESTY” & “ROYALTY.” At SHIC LLC we do “majestic” work! We treat you like royalty!

STANDARD:  What are some of the important take aways many of your clients will gain from their working experience with you?

MILLIE:  My client will, of course get a sense of themselves as “royalty” since our approach is majestic! And our slogan is “innovate, elevate, and celebrate!” One of the most important qualification to be on Team SHIC LLC is innovation. In my interviews, I ask the most provocative questions that will test the imagination. We bring this strength to our clients as a possible solution to their operations. Next, we strive to elevate our client’s performances by enhancing what is already there to another level. Then we celebrate the accomplishments of our clients. If our clients win, SHIC wins!!!

STANDARD:  Lastly, every person symbolizes something and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize?

MILLIE:  “I did it my way!” Frank Synatra holds nothing on that statement. People will know that I lived…did not “die with my song in me.” My legacy will be one of fulfillment. People, especially women, must experience a sense of “fulfillment” in order to live a rich and abundant life. When people think of me is not as important as what they “see.” My carriage and stature must be that of grace, ease and FULFILLMENT! I want that I radiate fulfillment and joy in everything I do, that people notice, and they learn to do the same.

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PhD, Organizational Leadership, Chicago School of Psychology 

Master of Science in Organization Development & Strategic Human Resources, Johns Hopkins University

Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Johns Hopkins University

Coursework in Fundraising and Planned Giving, New York University 


Vassar nominee for The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 2003

Featured as one of Essence’s Top Ten Incredible Women in 2003

The Ellen Churchill Semple prize for Excellence in Geography in 2003