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STANDARDMag: In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated? 

Martin: I have always aspired to be the best or at least among the best in anything that I have ever been involved in, be it school, sports, work or intellectual games such as chess or scrabble.

STANDARDMag: What is Assured Safety and what does your business stand for and represent?

Martin: Assured Safety Management is a full-service occupational safety, health, and environmental consulting firm. Assured SM serves as an informational resource, conducts worksite audits, is available to provide program review and/or development, and is authorized to provide OSHA occupational safety & health certification training in the areas of Construction, Maritime, and General Industry. My company name literally manifests the quality of assuring workplace safety. Having served as a federal government occupational health and safety specialist; manager; and OSHA Official during my 28 plus years of government service I am uniquely qualified to provide such services.

STANDARDMag: What are some of the important takeaways many of your clients will gain from their experience in doing business with Assured Safety?

Martin: During the latter part of my government career, I served as a point of contact for employers, employees, labor organizations, trade associations and members of the public. As such my clients generally seek out my services because they either are familiar with me or were recommended to contact me because I have experience interpreting the regulatory standards, enforcing them, as well as providing instruction and assistance to many of the nations’ labor organizations and premiere employers. The takeaway is that the services of Assured SM are based upon facts and not upon guess work.

STANDARDMag: It's understood that you are an integral part of a huge Real Estate investment team that promotes and assistance to help elevate communities. Shot outs to Matthews Business Network. How important do you think it is to give back to a community in this manner?

Martin: I feel that it is essential that members of our community take on an active role in improving the quality of living in our communities by Buying (property) Together; Building (homes) Together; Selling & Profiting Together; and Building Generational Wealth for our families. My role within the Double M Investment Team is ensure that the contractors Build Safely; Build On-Time (with no unwarranted delays); Provide Opportunities for employment to contractors of Color; and ensure Cost Containment (no cost overruns).

STANDARDMag: Lastly, every person symbolizes something and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize?

Martin: Karey, I believe that it is important for everyone to discover what’s their purpose in life or to at least find something meaningful to do that inspires them to make a difference. We should not dread nor experience anxiety about going to nor being at work. To date, my legacy is that I have spent a of career of 30 plus years safeguarding Americas most valuable resource the American Worker. In so doing, I have led by example, sharing any knowledge that I have acquired along the way. When all is said and done I feel that my legacy will symbolize that I have been a man of principle who left an indelible impact on workplace safety and health and continuously sort to make a difference in the world communityIn creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated.