Lara Solovay

From Test to Triumph

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STANDARD: Who is Lara Solovay?

LARA: I don’t fully know yet. I am in the process of going deep and heading to uncharted territories. I am on a quest to explore the dynamics of who I am and CAN be. No Barriers, No Limits, every stone turned and every crevice filled. Time is a precious currency and I’m going to do the best I can with what I have left. I do know this, I wanna shock myself.

STANDARD: With regards to understanding purpose in life, what methods would you suggest taking in pursuing greater out of life?

LARA: There is a common denominator that everyone shares, that is pain and purpose. I believe we cheat ourselves and at the same time make life way more complicated. One of the definitions of purpose is a person’s sense of resolve or determination. We look to “purpose” as a grand finale of a spectacular firework scene. It’s about drive, in order to gain greater, you have to become greater. We have to remove the receptors called fear, as well as having a teachable spirit. Do whatever you have to do to heal your soul and build yourself up with self-confidence. When that happens, you have the motivation to break glass ceilings and walls. You only have one life to live, make it count. Press towards your higher goal no matter the falls, blows and hits, it’s the ingredients that makes an overcomer and becomes the conqueror.

STANDARD: Share with us your greatest accomplishment to date and what keeps you motivated to keep going?

LARA: I would have to say, my books. Winning souls and helping people is the fuel and the motivation to push through. Also, I have had prophecies and they don’t come to pass by wishful thinking but by laboring in every form and fashion. People don’t realize how prophecies work, you have to fight. In I Timothy 1:18, it states you have to war for the prophecy. I want to see how far I can go.

STANDARD: What are the three words to describe you and why?

Exotic- not in looks but by definition… A kind not used for ordinary purposes

Determined- It has to be crushing and excruciating. Your determination has to be bigger than the problem, that’s the only way you’re gonna make it.

Childlike - not in the infantile or immature sense. I can just be silly, goofy and quite a character being completely free being me

STANDARD: Everyone in life symbolizes something. When it’s all said and done, What do you think your life would have symbolized to those who knew you and the world that discovered you?

LARA: The underdog Who became a pitbull! I never in 1 million years would put money on myself knowing where I was and where I wanted to be. It was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. BUT GOD! I am the proof of HIS existence and HIS sovereignty!