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STANDARDMag: Why did you decide to become a fitness coach?

Josphine:  I had always been involved in sports from a very young age (track - 100m & 200m) and competed in regionals as a teen. Being a competitive person, I knew that if I made the decision to turn pro, I would have to commit fully to the program to be able to compete at the highest level with the world's best. And to be honest I realized early that it wasn't really my passion. I knew even back then that I wanted and needed to do something that would bring me more joy and fulfillment, something bigger and not just for myself. I wanted to meet people with different backgrounds from all over the world, listen to their stories and be able to give my honest option and constructive advice to help them grow. One thing I have always known even back in my school days with friends, is that I had the ability to give advice and get people to actually listen. I must admit it took a bit of back and forth and like most things 'trial and error' before I found and settled on my true calling. 

But I knew and realized that to make my dream come true and off course 'do it right', I had to study to become a lifestyle & fitness coach. Making this my career has meant that I get to live my actual personality to its fullest. And I am grateful each day as I wake to another day full of interactions aimed at helping others live a more healthier, positive and productive lifestyle. 

STANDARDMag:  What do you love most about helping others reach their goals?

Josphine:  For me the highest reward is seeing the overall growth of the client, especially their mental gain and empowered knowledge & understanding. I really get the most out of helping your girl/boy next door gain a better relationship with food and get to a weight that is healthy and where they feel comfortable in their skin again - to have the confidence to wear that sexy swimsuit and walk on the beach without a care for the prying eyes, knowing that the stares are of admiration. The self-confidence for a woman or man to bare their naked body in front of their partner without feeling uncomfortable - and when he/she can enjoy social outings feeling great or sexy in their outfit and knowing they now have the knowledge to make the right food choices without feeling guilty afterwards. I feel proud and content when the individual really takes control of their health by implementing new habits and learn how to care for their body and mind. Listening to or seeing the happiness it gives them, these are the wins that really mean the most to me!

A prime example is my client Shana, after years of battling with her weight and being at her heaviest (size 18). I am happy to say, the journey continues as she's currently a comfortable size 10 but her goal is size 8. It brings me joy that she finally felt confident to book her first beach holiday (September 2, 2019), since having lost the weight. I re-call how proud I felt hearing Shana share her excitement of shopping for '2-piece bikinis', which she would not have dared look at before her weight loss. The excitement in her eyes when she spoke about going on this holiday, really got me - I couldn't be more proud and happy for her especially knowing how much she'd grown in confidence and self-love. From the joy in her voice, I knew this was going to be such a fun holiday full of many treasured memories.

This is one of the many success stories and I have complete confidence that Shana's mental gain, knowledge and understanding over the course of our journey together will successfully help her maintain her weight loss! And most importantly she now knows and understands her self-worth. 

STANDARDMag:  How would you like to be remembered by your clients?

Josphine:  I hope to be remembered in a positive way by all my clients. Like a teacher you had at school, that made an impact on your life, taught you things, that person you never forget. 

STANDARDMag:  Something else about you?

Josphine:  I absolutely enjoy travelling, learning about new places/cultures and hope to continue doing so for the rest of my life. When am indoors I tend to read and watch sports on tv, such as motor sport (F1), football/soccer (Arsenal fan - Gooner for life); these being some of my favorites. I also like trying new restaurants and going to the cinema for the latest film. And some days I just like to chill in my shorts and tank top, watch some Netflix, read a book, or enjoy quality time with my family/friends.

Some of my favorite quotes are by Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela.

"Don't count the days, make the days count." Muhammad Ali

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'" Muhammad Ali

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." Muhammad Ali

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." Nelson Mandela

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela 

Am sure you notice a pattern here - yes, I am a massive fan of the greatest sportsmen and humanitarians :)


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