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LaTryce Anderson | Standard | 4:24 pm EDT May 18, 2020

“Are we going anywhere today?” This is the question my 14-year old daughter asked me while I was working in my office. As much as I wanted to respond,”Yes, in fact, I made plans for us this afternoon. So, go get ready,” I paused. In fact, I looked at her like she was crazy. There was nothing wrong with her question. Truth be told, I wanted to go somewhere with my daughter and have fun. So, why the long pause?

Well, like so many, I didn’t know what to do nor did I know where we could go. Our world is experiencing, what is now officially classified as, a pandemic. Due to the nature of COVID-19, many are afraid to fly, let alone leave their homes. Even the CDC.gov website advises people to stay home as much as possible if your trip is not essential.

So, where does that leave me and my daughter and so many others who are looking forward to getting some fresh air, relaxing and stretching our legs? Since I’m planning to make a few trips of my own soon, I decided to find the answer to this very question looming over the minds of everyone hit with their version of “cabin fever.” Let’s start with some basic information that I believe will enable you to come to your own, informed, decision.

1. Is it safe to travel? Yes, it is safe to travel when you take the time to be informed and be responsible for the actions of you and your loved ones. Governor Cuomo of New York said it best, “How you act will determine what happens to you...” He also mentioned that what happens to you depends on how you react; are you wearing your mask, are you practicing social distancing, so-on and so-forth. Basically, you will need to take all the necessary precautions to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible.

2. Are there recommendations that we should follow to be safe? Yes. Procedures, for the most part, have not changed. “ACHOO!” Cover those coughs and sneezes. Wear a cloth face covering in public. Avoid close contact with others. I cannot emphasize this enough...it is very important that you do your very best to keep 6 feet of what CDC.gov calls “physical distance” from others. If you are at higher risk of getting infected from COVID-19, by all means, please keep this mind. Anything else? Ah, yes. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose. Take the time to whistle while you wash so that you wash for a full 20 seconds. Especially, since you’re going to be in public places. No soap? No problem! Use hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. There are even DIY recipes you can find on the World Wide Web. If you prefer essential oils, like I do, you can order Essential Oil Hand Sanitizers. Simply click on the L Ministries Travel & Lifestyle link below.

3. What’s the best way to travel? The best way is the way that is best for you! Wherever you go there will be differing levels of exposure and the amount of time you travel sitting in close proximity to others will vary as well. At the end of the day, choose the best way that fits your needs, your budget and your level of health. Consider the risks, pray and plan away! My top 2 options are to travel by car and by plane. Car travel works best for me because I can control who gets into my vehicle and the locations I choose to make my stops. For instance, I mainly stop at Texas-based gas stations called Buc-cee’s because I have never seen the crew not cleaning. The employees use social distancing, they wear masks and I can find a Purell station around every corner. My second option is air travel. Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights. Why? I’m glad you asked. It’s because of how the air circulates and is filtered. This doesn’t mean you should board a crowded flight. Real talk, if an airline is not practicing social distancing on the flights and they continue to double book or book full flights, run!

4. Are there restrictions to where you can travel? Yes. There are numerous restrictions and they vary from state-to-state, city-to-city and even country-to-country. Therefore, I advise you to visit the government website of your destination to find updated travel bans and/or restrictions. Kayak.com has a Travel Restrictions Map that shows which countries have restricted travel by air. Be sure to check for updates before you travel.

5. Where are the safest places to travel? In our new circumstances, the word “safe” is relative. Meaning it depends on what you’re comparing safe to. Therefore, I’ll keep this simple; the places you expect to see less people are probably the best. Outdoor locations with plenty of open space is highly recommended. Going to the beach? Maybe to the park? Early outings equal less people. No matter where you go, remember to practice safe distancing, wash your hands frequently and wear your mask where required.

6. What items should I pack? Let’s first discuss items that are rarely mentioned, but are very necessary. Q-tips, band-aids, and cotton balls. It never fails; you get a paper-cut, or a hang-nail, and no one has a band-aid. I find cotton balls are a must for those with sensitive ears in high altitudes or frequently have nosebleeds. In addition to these lovely items, I recommend picking up or ordering travel sized hand sanitizer. Remember to use your sanitizer after touching communal surfaces. Tissue, disinfecting wipes, face mask, face guard if you travel often, gloves, and extra mask just in case. These are items I suggest adding to your carry-on luggage.

7. This is my question to you. Did you know that it is actually beneficial to travel? For one, it is a huge stress reliever and is therapeutic. Some have even found traveling reduces depression and anxiety. According to The Yale Tribune, it has been scientifically proven that the

health benefits to traveling abroad are huge. From globe-trotting to trotting down to your local park, travel exposes you to different environments which creates stronger antibodies and significantly boosts your immune system. This doesn’t mean you should not practice what we discussed above. To the contrary, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Still, travel exposes you to certain microscopic organisms that keep your body and gut more grounded. I’ll be more than happy to address this further in another article, but for now let me remind you of this known fact; happiness and contentment are often associated with travel. No work. No deadlines. Even planning a vacation gives us a sense of excitement and adds a bit of pep in our step. I don’t know about you and yours, but my family and I countdown the days to liftoff. It’s fun! It has also been proven that the feeling of being more relaxed, less worried lasts because you’re in a better mood. A better mood that lasts for weeks even after the adventure has ended.

So, in conclusion I say, ”Travel!” Just travel with wisdom and obey the laws set in place to protect you and everyone you know and love. Let’s face it, summer is just around the corner. More people will be coming out of their homes and how will everyone act is the big question. Since we don’t know the answer to this question, the best we can do is choose how we will respond. Let’s choose to be positive, be informed and be “self aware.” You can still live life to the fullest, even during a pandemic. I encourage you all to learn as much as you can about the new trends in travel. The great news is, you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be here to help and inform you along this journey as we all courageously adapt to our new way of life.

Here are some links to help you get started: CDC.gov L Ministries Travel & Lifestyle NIFD.gov WHO.int

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