How do I get Bitcoin?

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Now let's get some Bitcoin! 

There are several ways to get bitcoin. First, you can set up a Bitcoin Mining Farm to mine your own Bitcoin or buy your own machines to run in your home (very expensive and loud to do at home). Second, you can receive Bitcoin from other people. Third, you can set up an account with Bitcoin Exchanges to buy, sell and trade. These are the major ways to start getting Bitcoin.

To start as beginners, mining gets into a lot of computer work and especially startup costs and expenses. Later more on how to start your Bitcoin Mining business. For anyone who wants to just begin small, it can be done in increments of buying Bitcoin on exchanges. There are many different exchanges in the world today and still growing. Through this you will need to start with the most simplest platform exchange to get into Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Exchanges offers their own Bitcoin Wallets to store your Bitcoin. These exchanges use their own data centers to store it. I recommend using Coinbase or to start. Very easy to use. You can setup your account here with your personal information and use your bank account or credit card to buy.

Next after you setup your account on Coinbase or other trusted exchanges, you can use their wallets to trade, buy or sell. Learning how to buy and sell will be your first strategy. It is really good to always check in on the prices for they become really volatile. Working on investment is good to obtain capital. As you increase in knowledge and understanding of the market and how to invest it will help you in the long run.

There are many terms that the market uses like bullish or bearish. Knowing the terms and how things operate will help you. It is like the stock market. If you learn to watch for certain patterns and cycles you can make lots of money. Having a plan will help as well. Get a exit strategy on your investment capital. Learn to store your assets in safe environment. You need the right resources and connections to be well in the digital world of finance. There is a lot of research, study and experience that goes into this so position yourself to succeed. Getting the know how now in this stage of massive Bitcoin adoption will align you to your Blueprint to Freedom.

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