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STANDARD: In creating your own lane in history, what did you do to keep yourself motivated? 

DRE: I always want to be in position to help myself and others. Having kids young, definitely played a big part of my motivation to become successful. 

STANDARD: In all the professions you could have chosen, why Barbering? 

DRE: Barbering, I feel, was one of the closest things to the streets and me communicating with my people. The more people you know, the more sources. 

STANDARD: While searching for the perfect name why Da1 Cutz? 

DRE: A-1 Cutz came to me so simple. I feel like I’ve always been A-1 in everything that I applied or put my mind too. 

STANDARD: What would you recommend to any inspiring Entrepreneur who has decided to become their own boss?  

DRE: Keep your faith in yourself, plan, plot, strategize, and execute. Give yourself a 2-5 year plan. Never lose the focus/big picture. 

STANDARD: What are some of the important take-aways many of your clients have after connecting with you?  

DRE: The drive, motivation to become great, and never be scared to take those first steps. 

STANDARD: Lastly, every person symbolizes something, and every Legacy leaves a message; when everything is said and done, what would your Legacy message leave and symbolize? 

DRE: A-1 since day 1! 



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