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Know the Truths versus the Myths 

when traveling to this winter wonderland 

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I'm LaTryce Anderson, your Official STANDARDMag Travel Advisor and it's my sincere pleasure to meet each of you. Once a quarter I'll be sharing travel tips and off-the-beaten-path locations that you should consider placing in on your travel bucket list; what I like to call my worldwide travel list.  This quarter I am introducing Alaska. 

Scroll down and take a look at this magnificent tundra of beauty!

~ LaTryce

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Ask people places they want to visit, and Alaska hardly ever gets mentioned. Ask people what they know about Alaska, and they will most likely say it’s always dark or cold. The truth is Alaska should be in your top 10 places to visit. Below is a list of the most common myths and truths everyone should know. 

Myth #1: There is nothing to do because it is always dark. 

Truth: Alaska is dark for about half a year, but that’s only from October to April. During the late spring and summer months, Alaska has a variety of extended sunlight depending on the area of Alaska you are visiting. If you are visiting Juneau there is about 18 hours of sunlight, 20 hours in Anchorage, 22 hours in Fairbanks and an amazing 24 hours of daylight, or civil twilight, north of Fairbanks. It is during the summer months that the earth faces the sun in the northern hemisphere which is why the days in Alaska are so long. This rugged and beautiful state is that far north. 

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Myth #2: It is always cold. 

Truth: I will be the first to admit the largest state in our nation dips below freezing during the winter season. Not only is the weather extremely cold between October and April it’s also unpredictable. And yet, it is not cold year-round. From May to September the weather is beautiful with temperatures reaching well above 80o F/27oC. It’s not uncommon to experience temperatures as high as 90o F/33o C. This is wonderful news because it is during these comfortable summer months where you see God’s creatures stir from their winter slumber to enjoy spring and summer seasons. 

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Myth#3: There is nothing to see. 

Truth: The terrain of Alaska is rich with wilderness. There is far more in Alaska than what you see on television. From the black bears to the snow-covered banks, there is so much to see. The most beautiful in Alaska is Seward. You’ve heard the saying “when in Rome do as the Romans.” Well, if the Romans had a place where the Romans would go, Seward is the place where Alaskans go to play and live their best life. The #1 scenic highway in the nation is Seward Highway which runs from north Seward to Alyeska. North of Alyeska is Anchorage which is the most populated city with Chugach State Park west of this fun city. Further north is Talkeetna, the town that is literally at the end of the road, where the tallest peak in North America peaks over the clouds, Denali. Denali National Park is 6 million acres of beautiful, breath-taking views not seen anywhere else in our nation! Last and certainly not least, is the northern lights known commonly as auroras. This northern experience occurs in the city of Fairbanks in late September when the night sky extends its stay. If you want to experience Alaska in peace, less people – more privacy, travel during the month of May. It’s less busy during that time. 

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Myth #4: You will never see the wildlife. 

Truth: Not only is the wilderness wonderful to behold, but the wildlife is also amazing. When people say they never see wildlife, what they are saying is they did not allow time for nature to be nature. Humans are creatures of calendars and schedules with phone calls in the morning, luncheons in the afternoon, and dinner meetings in the evening. Nature operates outside of the human habit of dates and deadlines. There are no alarms to cue the salmon to leap out of the water for the grizzly. Nor are there notifications in the clouds informing the creatures below when to hunt for their prey. Wildlife is under divine order placed inside of them to do what they do. Therefore, it’s best to decide what you want to see and travel to Alaska during that time to see what you desire. Then, remain longer than 4 days to give you and your family the best odds of witnessing what happens organically. 

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To see the bears of Alaska travel during mid-June when the salmon begin to spawn. It is during the spawning the bears are attracted and they come out to feed. Did someone say whales? The best time to see these massive creatures of the deep is during the month of July. For those who fall in love with the changing of the seasons (no pun intended), visit during late August/early September to view the majestic colors of foliage. The celestial dance of the night lights happens in late September when there is less delight. Again, the wilderness of Alaska is truly amazing! 

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I’m excited because there is shift in the mindsets of travelers; they are looking for new and exciting adventures. To those who seek excursions they have never been on before, I invite you to visit Alaska. But don’t take an Alaskan cruise… no, no, no. Contact me so we can plan your Alaskan TOUR! 

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Travel further out to sea where the sound of breaking glaciers can be heard over 2 miles away and travel further inland to higher elevations where most guides will not take you! Yes, you can even hire me as your travel guide; it would be my pleasure! So contact me today at and place “Alaska” in the subject and let’s plan now the best trip you have yet to take in this lifetime. 

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